Midwest Young Adult Cancer Conference

April 29, 2017  from 9am-4pm

This FREE one-day conference is designed to bring together young adults who were diagnosed prior to the age of 40 and those who care for them. During the event you will experience engaging workshops, learn about community resources, and discover new tools that can enhance your life.

Registration is required! Click the button below or call 608-828-8880 to register today. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.



FEATURING KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dan Duffy, President of The Half Fund

No one ever thinks they will hear the words, "You have cancer." Most of us live our existence day to day, either dragged down by the drudgery, lifted up by the little niceties of people or nature or the welcome but rare "making-every-single-green-light" on the way to work, or somewhere in between. Often, life throws you curves, and many of us roll with the punches.

But cancer is not a punch. It's a kick in the head with an iron boot, and life irreversibly changes once the three words are imbibed into our auditory senses.

So what do we do? How do we handle it? What do we even call it? A war? A journey? Neither? Depends on the day and the moment you catch me?

And what happens during the period of treatment? How bad does it get? Will we live? Will we die? At some point, even if we're going to live, do we want to die?

And what of the aftermath? What of the wreckage, the pieces that used to be the life you knew. Are you thankful? Do you feel guilty for surviving? Do you want to pull the ostrich card? "Hey, if I can't see it, it didn't happen. And if a bear pooped in the woods..."

Or do you do something with the accumulated knowledge that you now possess? Do you turn the tragedy into triumph? Do you seek out what used to terrify you, and make it work for you to help others?




9:00 – 9:15 Breakfast & Social

9:15 – 9:25 Welcome and Overview Kirsten Norslien,
Program Director of Gilda’s Club Madison

9:25 – 10:10 Keynote Speaker Dan Duffey Telling Your Story
Co-Founder The Half Fund

10:15—11:45 Morning Breakout Sessions
How to Start Your Day, the Energizing, Anti-Cancer Way — Heather Ferber
Share Your Story in a 5 Minute Blog—Dan Duffey
Community Canvas—Molly Linn Miller & Lynn Gent
Post-Cancer Skin Care—Jean Carlson & Erica Nowicki
Survivor Guilt— Kristin Bingen PhD

11:00—11:45 Survivor Care Plans— Amye Tevaarwerk MD

11:45 – 1:00 Lunch & Social

1:00 – 2:30 Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Partnering with Someone with Cancer—Catherine Gainey
Resilience as a Tool—Jeff Hoeben
Healing Touch—Mary Pat Hank
Long-Term Side Effect Management—Sharon Friedrich

2:30 – 3:00 Snack Break & Social

3:00 – 3:30
Patient Advocacy in Tough Political Times
Zina Cary, Cary Collaborative Strategies

3:30 – 4:00 Closing Activities & Door Prizes


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