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Moving Forward: Incorporating Movement & Exercise

Personal health incorporates many components such as surroundings, personal growth, nutrition, physical health and relationships; and a healing plan is no different. 

In this seminar, we will focus on the physical component and learn how to incorporate movement & exercise into your healing plan.  We will also discuss how to use exercise principles to help ease into physical activity as well as tools on how to successfully develop an exercise program to meet your needs.

Genetic Counseling & Testing Considerations

Hereditary Cancer Predisposition Syndromes: Genetic Counseling and Testing Considerations for Young Adults

This presentation will define genetic counseling and for whom genetic counseling and genetic testing is appropriate. Various considerations such as the benefits and limitations of genetic testing as well as familial implications will be explored.

Write On! How Words Can Help You Heal

It's not about grammar, sentence structure, or punctuation - its about being real. You have a story worth telling! 

In this workshop you'll be able to explore the healing art of expressive writing, led by young adult cancer survivor Marloe Exch.  

Unique writing prompts will spark a deeper dive into your cancer experience and help you find your creative voice in the process. 

Whether you already use writing in your daily life, or are looking for a new avenue to help make sense of your experience, this workshop will provide a safe, supportive environment for putting word onto the page. 

1:50- 2:45


Embracing Life in the Face of Uncertainty

A diagnosis of cancer inherently brings awareness of mortality and the risk that life can change on a dime. This can increase worry and pose challenges to decision making and future-planning. This presentation will offer knowledge, understanding and tools for managing such fears and investing in an uncertain future.  

Long Term Side Effects & Impact

Most cancer survivors will experience late effects from their cancer or treatment.  Come learn about common late effects, preventive and monitoring measures, and ways you can advocate for your long term health care.

Our fabulous team from American Family Children's Hospital- Dr. Dianne Puccetti, Sharon Freidrich, Wendy Stewart and Bethany Severson will present. 

Cancer's gone, but the pain & fatigue are not

This interactive workshop will discuss cancer related pain and fatigue.   The types of cancer related pain and their causes will be reviewed. We will discuss the effects of pain and practical ways to manage pain.  We will also review reasons
why fatigue is so common and actions you can take to improve fatigue.

Ketogenic (Fat-based) Diet and Cancer

Researchers claim a ketogenic diet has strong potential to significantly improve cancer treatment outcomes. Katy Wallace, Traditional Naturopath of Human Nature, LLC, will present current information about how a fat-based diet works and it's benefits. Learn what to expect, how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to track your progress. 

2:50 - 3:45


Introduction to Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an Energy Medicine therapy like Reiki or Therapeutic Touch, which activates a person’s natural energy flow to enhance and support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing.  Come, learn about it, and experience some of the practice.

Mary Pat Hank

Returning to Sex, Pleasure, Intimacy

Come gather some practical skills and tools to step into the next space of your sexual self. Be ready for some fierce compassion and humor as we navigate the love-grief-pleasure axis. We’ll talk about a wide range of approaches around sex and sexuality: anatomy to communication, consent to orgasm, new partners to old loves. Starting from where you are right now. All are welcome, trans/queer inclusive. Kink friendly.

Exercise & Rehab to Fight Fatigue

Join Dr. Julie Lombardo, breast cancer survivor and seasoned physical therapist, as she shares her personal story and her knowledge on, “Exercise and Rehabilitation  to Combat Cancer-Related Fatigue and Depression”.  She holds a strong belief that all survivors should have access to physical therapy to assist them in returning to pain-free, active lives, and she educates survivors that it is never too late to utilize rehabilitation services for cancer recovery.

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