OK, you’re done with treatment. “See you in 3 months” your doctor says. “What?! For months I’ve been cared for by the amazing medical team at the clinic. What do I do now?”

This is a very common scene when treatment ends. For many people, life after cancer treatment has ended can be a time of heightened anxiety and stress. Maybe not on the first day, but perhaps a few months, or a year following treatment. What do you do next? Find others in similar situations. Connect, learn, and control what you can. One such opportunity is Cancer Transitions.

Cancer Transitions: Moving Beyond Treatment® program is a four-week program that addresses many of the physical, social, and practical issues survivors may face as they transition into post-treatment cancer survivorship.

Each of the 4 sessions in the Cancer Transitions program focuses on one survivorship skill set:

  • Session 1: Get Back to Wellness: Taking Control of Your Survivorship
  • Session 2: Emotional Health: Addressing the Barriers to a Positive Life
  • Session 3: Eating Well and Staying Active
  • Session 4: Managing Your Medical Story Beyond Cancer: What you Need to Know

Part of a comprehensive Survivor Care Plan, this goes beyond tests and follow-up appointments. Join us, or refer this amazing program to others.

Cancer Transitions, like all of Gilda’s programs, is offered at no cost to our members.

Our Next Workshop Begins March 3, 2023

We’re excited to offer this program via Zoom beginning Friday, March 3rd from 10-11:30am Central (with additional sessions on 3/10, 3/17, 3/24). Visit the event page to learn more and register.

This program will be offered again, if the dates do not work for you this time around.


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    Christopher M. Swift on August 25, 2022

    This transition from intense medical care to the post-treatment period has me anxious and stressed out. I look forward to meeting with people in a similar situation and sharing how they coped with the uncertainties and fears involved.

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