“The girl is sad because her mom has cancer. The path she is on is uphill and has many twists and turns. The path represents her life and she doesn’t know where it leads, but she keeps going because she wants to get to the end.” This is a portion of the artist statement from then 13-year-old Aviella Del Balso, one of the winners of the 2021 CUREative Art Contest. Read more about our 2021 winners in our blog post from last year.

The contest is open again in 2022. Any teen aged 13-19 with a cancer connection who lives in the state of Wisconsin can participate. 

“Humans process their thoughts and feelings in so many unique ways. While talking and support groups offer productive methods to cope with cancer, sometimes the solitary, introspective approach of creative expression is more profound,” shares Carissa Hodgson, Program Manager. 

Artwork will be displayed at the Gilda’s Club Art Show at the Gilda’s clubhouse from Monday, April 18th through Saturday, April 23rd. 

To learn more, visit www.GildasClubMadison.org/cureative2022/. Sponsorship opportunities are available. 

CUREative Art Image

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