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My name is Helen.  I am a member, volunteer, and Ambassador at Gilda’s Club Madison.

A year after my first breast cancer diagnosis, I felt “ready” for the support and psychosocial, emotional, educational support programming of Gilda’s Club.  As I live in the Milwaukee area, I walked in through Gilda’s Club Southeastern Wisconsin, early in 2010.

For many reasons, I wish I had walked in sooner.  I found psychosocial, emotional,educational, social, member and volunteer opportunities for emotional healing.

Sadly, Gilda’s Club Southeastern Wisconsin sustained major flooding.  After limited off-site programming, I, along with so many others, lost Gilda’s Club when Gilda’s Club Southeastern Wisconsin in Milwaukee closed.  Yes, closed.  I was devastated.

Months later, I reached out to Gilda’s Club Madison, hoping for a visit.  To my amazed delight, they said “yes!”  I could, and did, become a member here.  They said, “Yes!”  Awesome!

Truly, I learned the importance, and the value of both physical and emotional health. The value of my outstanding medical team, linked with the value of my exemplary, strong, admirable, caring emotional health team at Gilda’s Club Madison.

Shockingly, unbelievably, Gilda’s Club Madison also sustained severe flooding in 2018. After off-site programming,  and rebuilding, a restored clubhouse reemerged, even stronger than I could ever begin to imagine.

EVERYONE at Gilda’s Club Madison is a part of that strong, caring, admirable, emotional health team.

– youngest to oldest
– with any type of cancer diagnosis
– at any stage of cancer diagnosis and/or treatment: pre, actual, post
– every member
– every family member or friend
– every volunteer
– every donor: time, talent, financial
– every community support person, agency, family, school, team, business, organization
– every board member
– every professional advisory committee member
– every stellar staff member

Gilda’s Club Madison CARES.
Gilda’s Club Madison CREATES.
Gilda’s Club Madison ACCEPTS.
Gilda’s Club Madison AFFIRMS.
Gilda’s Club Madison SUPPORTS.
Gilda’s Club Madison REALIZES.
Gilda’s Club Madison VALUES.
Gilda’s Club Madison EDUCATES.

Gilda’s Club Madison wraps literal and figurative arms around you, and those you love, as you walk through their red doors, and/or their community based programming. WHAT A TEAM!

The powerful message of support services in the beautiful homelike setting of our comforting clubhouse cannot be underestimated.  

Gilda’s Club Madison is a rare, priceless gift – a gift that continues to give and inspire – a community resource second to none.

Gilda’s Club Madison gives you the time, place, power, and strength to face your diagnosis…to accept your challenges…to validate your feelings without judgement… to empathize with, understand and support your needs…to be your home away from home, with others who “get it” and are “there” for you.

With Gilda’s Club Madison, no one (child, teen, young adult, adult, senior, with any type of cancer diagnosis) faces cancer alone.  Gilda’s Club Madison celebrates each and every one of us.  

I am, and will ever remain, so very grateful for the multiple gifts of Gilda’s Club Madison.


Today, Gilda’s Club Madison is available through virtual programming online for families across Wisconsin. Do you know someone that is ready for cancer support? Call 608.828.8880 to learn more.


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    Lacy Rynders on April 4, 2021

    I feel every word here.Gildas Club has been so comforting and inspiring for my journey and it’s a special gift to one and all!

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