Gilda’s Club Hosts Its Fourth Equine Experience

“Cancer often challenges our trust in ourselves and our capabilities. The horse helps us to see our capabilities and our strengths,” explains Kirsten Norslien, Gilda’s Club’s Program Director.

Gilda’s Club recently hosted its fourth equine experience, the second with coach Nell Rogers at Seahorse Healing.

The workshop involved gestalt coaching, a method that allows attendees to develop a deeper understanding of themselves. Kirsten explains, “There is research that confirms that working with a horse, and its inability to recognize incongruent behavior, helps us to be more up front and honest with ourselves.”

One of the Gilda’s members who attended one of the workshops last year shared, “This was such a great event and being able to get outside and have this experience was amazing.”

Gilda’s plans to hold another workshop with horses in October. If you’re interested in supporting future sessions, please contact Lindsey at

If you’re interested in learning more or registering for the October 2022 session, click here.

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