Cancer Support Matters

Today there are more than 16.9 million people touched by cancer in the US. There will be 37,000 new cases in Wisconsin this year alone. Many (30-50%) cancer patients struggle with emotional distress as a result of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Ultimately, Gilda’s Club Madison strives to positively impact the treatment outcomes of our members and improve quality of life.

Our Impact—2023

6,835 Program Visits (which includes support groups, workshops, socials, and other activities.)
974 Active Participants
652 Educational, healthy living, and social activity sessions
554 Support group sessions

Member Experience:

  • 96% would recommend Gilda’s Club to others dealing with cancer
  • 95% felt that Gilda’s Club programs have had a positive impact on their lives
  • 87% feel that Gilda’s Club plays a part in their support system
  • 85% found comfort in a community of others who understood their experience
  • 81% feel less lonely and isolated

Quotes from Gilda’s Club Members:

“I didn’t have anywhere else to go that could give me what I felt I lost to cancer. It’s not just a place to re-charge…it’s a place to let go. It’s really magical.”

Misty, Gilda’s Club member

“Gilda’s Club became one of the dandelions in my field of healing. It provided support and understanding when I felt lost and alone. The thing I noticed the most is I didn’t have to wear a mask and cover up how I was feeling on a given day. I could be truly honest and authentic with all my pains, frustrations, or anger from the cancer.”

Gilda’s Club Member

“The UW Carbone [Cancer Center] did a wonderful job of treating my cancer, and Gilda’s has helped to complete the process emotionally and mentally.”

Mick, Gilda’s Club member

“The part I hold dear to my heart was seeing the nodding heads, the tears, the love, the support and understanding I so desperately needed. My friends (yes in one night and over the upcoming months, my group-mates became my friends) were there for me, and we supported each other through the hard times. I am forever in debt to my friends and Gilda’s for giving me the strength I didn’t know I had.”

Renee, Gilda’s Club member

“While we all have cancer in common, it’s the diversity of our experiences and perspectives that has helped me to traverse life’s bumpy terrain. Sharing moments of courage, fear, laughter and things learned has built some very special friendships and a strong group cohesiveness that I find so very nourishing.”

Rhonda, Gilda’s Club member

Spread the Word

Do you know someone that would benefit from cancer support at Gilda’s Club? Click here to download our program flyer and share it with friend and neighbors impacted by cancer.