Yoga and relxation

Healthy living workshops offered at Gilda’s Club Madison include hands-on, self-care activities offered to teach members new skills, such as Relaxation & Guided Imagery, or keep minds busy and creative, such as arts & crafts, or to practice mind-body skills, such as yoga. Workshops are offered throughout the month, some on a regular basis, and some just once. Keep an eye on the online Calendar for workshops that interest or challenge you.

Share Your Skills

Do you have special skills you would like to share with us as a volunteer? Every month Gilda’s Club Madison hosts workshops and lectures on a variety of topics, including: mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, healthy cooking, yoga, tai chi, zumba, and a variety of art activities. If you have skills or expertise you would like to share with our members, please call or email Kirsten Norslien, Program Director, at 608-828-8880 or