“I was most excited for the opportunity to give back in many ways- my personal giving, raising community awareness, volunteerism, and more,” shares Sarah Condella, past Gilda’s Club board member and Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Exact Sciences. 

Sarah joined the Gilda’s Club Board of Directors back in 2015. Sarah was seeking an opportunity to combine her passion for helping others who are affected by cancer with her desire to get more involved in the Madison community. . To Sarah, it seemed like the perfect marriage of her professional career and personal passions. Exact Sciences is “dedicated to help eradicate cancer,” Sarah explains, while Gilda’s Club is focused on providing emotional support to families touched by cancer. “It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved in a meaningful way,” Sarah shares. 

Sarah’s connection to our mission also felt personal, as it felt very easy for her to put herself in the shoes of a Gilda’s Club member. “Being a mom of two young kids, I absolutely dread hearing the words, ‘You have cancer.’ I’ve known many people who’ve experienced the devastating effects of cancer. There never seem to be enough resources, answers, coping mechanisms to prepare you, guide you or help you through that experience. I wanted to ensure Gilda’s Club could grow and thrive in our community to continue having a positive impact.” 

Navigating a new normal

Sarah continues, “Little did I know that would give me the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors during the pandemic.” As the entire world was trying to navigate an ever-changing landscape, especially around human resources, Sarah was there to help guide Gilda’s Club. 

During her time on the Board of Directors, Sarah joined members of the board to help cook dinner for Family Night at Gilda’s Club. This was a time when Sarah was able to see first-hand the impact of Gilda’s Club. Families would share with her stories of visiting Gilda’s Club immediately after their oncology appointments, that it was a “safe place for respite,” and “a place to not feel minimized.” 

Leaving a legacy

Beyond her time on our Board of Directors, Sarah and her husband Nathan have used their personal philanthropy to support Gilda’s Club. They’re a part of our Red Door Society, a three-year giving society that helps provide sustaining, flexible financial support so that we can respond to new needs as they arise.

“The word ‘legacy’ is meaningful. I want to know I’m doing something that helps others and lives on after me.”

Sarah and Nathan are also a part of our Legacy Circle. The Gilda’s Legacy Circle is for those who have decided to continue to support Gilda’s Club even after they are gone, such as by leaving a bequest in their will. 

She and her husband both want to give to things that they are passionate about, and that includes the Gilda’s Club mission.“The word ‘legacy’ is meaningful. I want to know I’m doing something that helps others and lives on after me,” Sarah shares. 

Gilda’s Club has a newly-established endowment fund, through which you can make sure that Gilda’s Club is here for generations to come. If you are interested in learning more about Gilda’s Legacy Circle, please contact Lindsey at lindsey@gildasclubmadison.org or (608)828-8862.

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