Jane and Arnie

My name is Jane and I was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 on my 62nd birthday.

My husband, Arnie, and I have enjoyed the many programs at Gilda’s. Plus we enjoyed the lasagna, turkey, and various other meals! The meals gave us a chance to catch up with people we’ve met thru Gilda’s programs. I’ve enjoyed all the educational programs and meals over the years but the program that stands out in my mind is Gilda’s Remembrance Night.

A couple of years ago, two of my fellow cancer friends died: Larry and Tom.

Larry took up painting as a hobby and his wildlife paintings were beautiful, as were his sceneries. He had a wicked sense of humor and everyone enjoyed the donuts he brought every Thursday.

Tom loved buffalo meat because it was the leanest and healthiest meat around. He searched the Madison area for a buffalo meat provider. We would meet him for mall walking where he would talk about the love of his life, Mary. He lost his Mary to cancer before he moved to Madison.

Every year at Gilda’s Remembrance Night, Tom painted a rock with Mary’s name on it. After they were both gone, I painted a rock for Larry and one with Tom and Mary’s names. Tom would have loved having a rock with his name entwined with Mary’s.

Thank you, Gilda’s, for Remembrance Night ceremonies. The ceremony helped me say goodbye to two people who meant a lot to me.


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    Mary Joan Nastri on January 13, 2021

    Lovely memory, thanks for sharing.

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