By: Renee Zemke

I came to Gilda’s Club at the beginning of my treatment. There was a meal train in place, rides to treatment were organized, babysitting after school was taken care of, a caring bridge was set up and the whirl-wind was in full force. For me, despite all of the support, I felt alone. I wanted more than anything to be understood, how I felt physically and emotionally.

I joined a wellness support group. There, on my first night, I said for the first time, “I have cancer” and was able to say it with all the fear, all the anger, and not have to hold back to protect my loved ones. I was able to be honest about what I was going through.

The part I hold dear to my heart was seeing the nodding heads, the tears, the love, the support, and the understanding I so desperately needed. My friends, (yes in one night and over the upcoming months, my group mates became my friends) were there for me, and we supported each other through the hardest times. I am forever in debt to my friends and Gilda’s for giving me the strength I didn’t know I had.

Renee goes "Over the Edge" in 2019
Renee goes “Over the Edge” in 2019

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