We were so moved by the incredible works of art and writing submitted to this year’s Art Show and CUREative Contest for Teens Touched by Cancer. Our community showcased its power, vulnerability, insight, and strength through uniquely various modalities. The Red Door Society event and Art Reception brought our first parties to the clubhouse in over 2 years! The walls reverberated with joy and excitement, soaking it up to share with our next visitors as we begin to bring some programs back in-person. 

We had a special visitor at the event who was documenting the power of art to process a cancer diagnosis. Check out Brad Allen’s video, which showcases many of the pieces at the show. As our Program Director Kirsten Norslien says at the end of the video, “Art is Magic!” Keep creating, exploring, and sharing your magic with us. 

We want to highlight the first place winners of the CUREative Contest for Teens Touched by Cancer:

Lost in Space, original artwork by Ellie Huttleston

First Place Art Category: Ellie Huttleston

Title of Work: Lost in Space
Media: Paint and Drawing
Age: 15

Artist Statement: My piece is about watching someone battle cancer. I’ve seen a lot of cancer in my life, the hardest to watch is my dad’s. When you watch someone battle cancer it’s scary and confusing and sad so I just think of being lost in space not knowing where you are or if there’s an end in sight. Anything could go wrong at any moment, you just don’t know and you feel so alone.

First Place Writing Category: Luke Ristow

Title of Work: The Pain Disguised in the Beauty Click here to download his winning story.
Media: Memoir
Age 18

Author Statement: Butterflies are elegant insects, representing beauty through simplicity. I thought this to be true until I had butterflies in my stomach at a life-changing doctor’s appointment. At the time, I was pleased with my life. I had just turned fifteen years old, and I was enjoying the beginning of my high school experience. Despite how my life looked on the outside, there was pain hidden in the happiness… similar to the illness the beautiful butterflies disguised in this piece.

If you missed the exhibit, you can view the Digital Exhibit on our website.

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